Social and workspace design trends are changing the tools that we use to communicate along side with how we engage, share and collaborate with one another. As an extension of this reality, in the school of the future teachers will change the way they teach as the class environment will also adapt to new methodologies that require innovative products to make it work.
Mastervision Education brand has the tools needed to teach our children, challenge our graduates, and facilitate the XXI century skills. And as each generation learns, grows and shares, Bi-silque’s is at their side. That is why our commitment to sustainable improvement is expressed not only in the Products we make, but also the Raw Materials we source, and the Manufacturing process we utilize.
The company’s certifications as well as the product’s tests and quality standards speak by themselves in terms of environmental commitments, sturdiness and innovation. Our front class boards are made with an unique reinforced plastic core to avoid moisture and extend the product’s lifetime. These boards can be supplied with 5 meters (seamless) and have useful up & down systems to adapt to the user’s height. To encourage interactive learning spaces, Mastervision Education has a full range of Interactive Boards and software that can also be completed with tables and chairs that inspire teamwork and communication skills.
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